Deception Comes in Many Forms

The future
does not
ask questions
Yet, the past
echoes your name
                                    in answer

I thought
and that
was the problem
that doe eyed beast

  and fled

Beauty is but
One form of deceit
A ribbon
fine, pampered
to a bow
Distracting and concealing
the gift
of an empty box

Weekly Theme:
Original Twisting Tail Format

Monday: Flash Fiction
Tuesday: Tanka
Wednesday: Free Verse Poetry
Thursday: Rhymed poetry
Friday: Limerick
Saturday: haiku/senryü
Sunday: Children’s Rhyme

38 thoughts on “Deception Comes in Many Forms

  1. I believe to be deceived by others, one must have something inside that wants to be deceived. I have met a couple people in my life, I believe, don’t have that, and are completely honest. It was refreshing to see.

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    1. That makes perfect sense. You are right, that would be refreshing. I also think people of that kind would be rare as a couple a lifetime.


      1. You know. That’s a very interesting comment. That reminds me of a conversation many years ago, where someone indicated honesty would prevent relationships. I think most people think that way, feel they have to create intrigue, and only with emotions can anything last, however long. And most people can’t stand living in honesty, for to them, it’s too boring.

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      2. True. Also honesty can be harsh and offensive in our overly sensitive world. Where one wrong word can end in break up or court case.


      3. Yes, but I would add something which isn’t popular today. The most successful marriages I have seen (A minister and his wife, a college friend and his wife, an aunt and uncle, and one other I can think off the top of my head, but also a couple marriages through reading….) are completely honest. To outsiders, even painfully honest, but they love each other. What I see, though others may think otherwise, is two best friends married for decades, and they’re comfortable talking about anything.

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      4. I guess when you become that intimate with one other person and there is nothing left hidden (insecurity), you can be free to say and act with the confidence your partner understands.

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