Beautiful Vision

Not deep the poet sees, but wide.

– Matthew Arnold

Write Vision

Scope, is what I gift to you
But it comes at a cost
A parade in endless visions
Of friends and family lost

A questionable demeanor
Problems with drugs and drink
A reclusive persona
Doubts for every thought you think

Every man’s downfall
You are privileged to see it all
I give you
This gift of extended sight
Do you still wish to write?

To find beauty in ugliness is the province of the poet.

– Thomas Hardy

Must I somehow best
This farce, this test
That I now look upon
So hideous a sight
I avert my eyes elsewhere, over yon
I glance again with all my might
Surely, beauty is there
Perhaps buried  deep,    deep    inside
There, it certainly must be
For what I see
Standing in front of me
On surface value alone
This creature, is clearly void of any

Poetry that instructs, either in terms of morals or by providing knowledge of philosophy, religion, arts, science, or skills. Although some poets believe that all poetry is inherently instructional, didactic poetry separately refers to poems that contain a clear moral or message or purpose to convey to its readers.

Weekly Theme:
Forms I’ve Never Attempted
National Poetry Writing Month
(also known as NaPoWriMo)

20 thoughts on “Beautiful Vision

      1. Very enlightening as to what can authentically qualify as a beautiful vision. Thank you for sharing it.

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