Torture & Eve


Knowledge once spoken
is scaped in awe
The world was fed a token
then left ignored


Once upon an eve weathered
I stay awake the night
To see the stars have their wars
Only to be defeated

Their nemesis
Shone brighter that morn
Brighter than it ever had

With a vast cackle across the night sky
The sun opened it’s wide wings
To accompany it’s smile

And brightness shone
Throughout my world
Once upon an eve…
Enthralled by tedium

Weekly Theme:
Memory Lane

All poems featured this week were written when I was in my early to mid-teens.
I’ve corrected spelling and obvious grammatical errors, otherwise they remain untouched.

12 thoughts on “Torture & Eve

    1. Eve was written watching the sunrise with a cigarette after watching all three (at the time) Star Wars movies back to back.
      I have a clear memory of it.


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