Song thất lục bát: High Grass

shrapnel caught beaming moonlight
bat cauldrons ping night songs slow
blossoms star-struck lie low
rest now awake below high grass

Song thất lục bát (double seven, six eight):

A quatrain comprising a couplet of two seven-syllable lines followed by a Lục bát couplet (a six-syllable line and an eight-syllable line).

Each line requires certain syllables to exhibit a “flat” or “sharp” pitch. Lines and stanzas are linked in a complex rhyme scheme.

Weekly Theme:
Vietnamese Poetry Forms

(Vietnamese poetry is mostly tonal, something that cannot be replicated in English. I apologise for this shortcoming.)

17 thoughts on “Song thất lục bát: High Grass

  1. I noticed the internal rhyme… fun to read but not to write (imho). This one has a war-like undertone. Not inappropriate for a form from a country that survived occupation and war from 1946 to 1975.

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    1. It really was a tricky one to put together. There was supposed to be another stanza but I couldn’t manage it, so I condensed two into one.
      You are right! It’s about the Vietnam war!
      Specifically a body filled battlefield.
      When I write regional poetry I try to have at least one post which is specific to the country.


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