The Name of My Lost Love & Rightings on the Wall

The Name of My Lost Love People say I have a problema kind of reccuring mental lapseI seem to lose or misplace thingsEarly signs of my senility perhaps But now I've lost my dearestThe purpose of my beating heartI've lost my sweet loveWhile shopping at Walmart Distracted by melons in produceI looked up and she … Continue reading The Name of My Lost Love & Rightings on the Wall

Feeling Fear in the Coming Dawn

Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary.– Kahlil Gibran The Light Watchman Sounds The caw of the light watchman soundsThe time I flee, for fear I am foundDiamond dust on the morning breeze, the soft current of my pleasIt would be my life to stay, fated … Continue reading Feeling Fear in the Coming Dawn

The Evil Passion Returned

Hatred the Evil Passion Emotion, requires commitmentDedication, saturates the soulA drain, the constant resentmentAnd force inevitably takes its toll Reciprocate, do onto othersHumanity, will follow the fashionDwelling on thoughts of past loversFuels hatred, the evil passion Hatred is the adulterous child of love and loss Be passionate in all you doLet that hate shine on … Continue reading The Evil Passion Returned