Revenge & Defeat

Naani: last place I look All I have ever knownFits inside my headSo that thing I'm looking formust be in here somewhere Lune: perspective loss loss is depressingbut defeatcan begin new life Fib: sow the seeds HandsDownDefeatFingers soilplanting seeds deeplyWere we harvest fresh grown revenge Hay(na)ku: bridges on fire bridgedaffluent streamsNow scorched earth Abbreviated Haiku: … Continue reading Revenge & Defeat

Tripadi: Former Shadow & Former Admiration

Former Shadow I refuse her in the daylightI am not strong enough at nightOld shadows creep through a door left ajar Former Admiration Sophistication and pure classStyle and taste you could not surpassThen I saw his tacky garden decor The tripadi is a Bengali poetic form.Tercets (or three-line stanzas).Lines one and two end rhyme with … Continue reading Tripadi: Former Shadow & Former Admiration