Song thất lục bát: High Grass

shrapnel caught beaming moonlightbat cauldrons ping night songs slowblossoms star-struck lie lowrest now awake below high grass Song thất lục bát (double seven, six eight): A quatrain comprising a couplet of two seven-syllable lines followed by a Lục bát couplet (a six-syllable line and an eight-syllable line). Each line requires certain syllables to exhibit a … Continue reading Song thất lục bát: High Grass

Mandakranta: The Succubus Comes

In my chambers, haunted and hunted, my terror enveloped in nightMy chest hitches, an archaic knowledge cleaves the unbridled thrillStraddled and pinned, she torments me, her primal lust and rage entwinedI lay yearning, praying for climax, before the succubus comes Mandakranta: (lady slowly approaching) is referred to as a "slow stepper" and is said to … Continue reading Mandakranta: The Succubus Comes