Not All That Glitters is a Gift

Welcome! Welcome!To the 26th AnnualFruitcake Toss!A waste of timeA waste of foodBut no considerable loss Fruitcake Toss Day If a thousand peopleFall asleep in the woodsDid a festival ever happen? Festival of Sleep Day I can't say that I'm surprisedThe first chance of the yearAfter the promiscuous partiesDrunken antics,fear of holiday loneliness goneAfter the ultimatums,the … Continue reading Not All That Glitters is a Gift

God’s Name & Recipes with Bacon

Once upon a time there was a PistachioLiving in Porto-VecchioAfter witnessing a hit on Don PestoHe was incommunicadoHiding from mob boss Avocado News Anchor: We warn anyone with a weak stomach or small children to leave the room before this next story.A Personal Chef has made headlines worldwide today. Inspired by Stand up to Bullying … Continue reading God’s Name & Recipes with Bacon

Girls & Engineering Diets

What did you discover? A girl. Don't get out much, do you? Senryu: The Other AI Digital learningArtificial idiotFails all his classes Girl: What's that?Boy: Simple engineering.Girl: What?Boy: You know, bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, buildings. Pretty much all manner of structures and machines, among other things.Girl: Oh, I've never heard of any of those things. … Continue reading Girls & Engineering Diets