My Rare Disease & Injury, also Scouse

My Rare Disease

I say bless you and thank you
And I ask how do you do
I offer my seat on busy trains
And my umbrella when it rains
I always hold the elevator door
And I’d help if you fell to the floor
My rare disease is not contagious
Would you like to take a guess
You might have even heard of it
The rare disease of common kindness

I’m not fancy
And I’m not French
But damned if the girls don’t sway
Whenever I say

Don’t know what a Scouse is?
Find out here

Golden Globes take silver
Gold goes to the Oscars

Senryu: Repetitive Strain Injury

not touching that one
that’s what got me in this mess
the first time around

Notice on laboratory door:

All science must be completed by the end of the day.
Your stations must be clean and ready for tomorrow’s nonsense non-science group.

Facts are the air of scientists. Without them you can never fly.

Linus Pauling

The Tooth Fairy makes a Grave Mistake

“I got a dollar from the tooth fairy last week.
Why did you get keys to a BMW?!”

Weekly Theme:
Holidays & Observances

Global Scouse Day
Golden Globe Awards
International Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day
Linus Pauling Day
National Chocolate Souffle Day
National Science Day
National Tooth Fairy Day
Car Keys and Small Change Day
Rare Disease Day

16 thoughts on “My Rare Disease & Injury, also Scouse

      1. There’s a recent but great Billy Bragg song called “Scouses Never Buy The Sun”. It’s about class struggle in Northern England and about how working class Scouses are not so easily manipulated by the mean-spirited conservative media. Of course, Brexit might have proved Billy Bragg wrong. Maybe. I don’t know how much support Brexit had in Liverpool.

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      1. You really think a global catastrophe like we are facing would have helped push this one in the right direction. Seems like more people are just out for themselves. Sad.

        Liked by 1 person

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