Clogyrnach: Who’s to Blame?

I had a thought, the person who decided on the pronunciation of quiche was clearly an arsehole. This poem is a result of that thought. Honestly, quiche, quay, faux pa, pleaseThis nonsense brings me to my kneesWho gave them their name?All one and the sameWho's to blame?The Frenchies This is all in good fun. No … Continue reading Clogyrnach: Who’s to Blame?

Rondel: The Shining Penny

When I found the shining PennyI knew my dreams had all come trueI looked no more because I knewMy penny worth more than any The world is full of so manyBut all I need in life is youWhen I found the shining PennyI knew my dreams had all come true You are always right beside … Continue reading Rondel: The Shining Penny

Rimas Dissolutas: The Open Road

Weary of the warnings I made my choiceWithout constraints that so often dictateI started down the dusty disused roadToward shimmering opportunity Clear and proud I heard the dogmatic voicePraise community, order, taxes, ratesThe guidance faith and country bestowedThat allow a hopeful future to be As I listened I began to rejoiceClaiming only a personal mandateThe … Continue reading Rimas Dissolutas: The Open Road