Progress Like Fire

Dependency is a crutch
Which hobbles ankles
Riddles limbs
And shackles progress

Lyricist and lyre
Progress like fire
The chariot awaits
Apollo's desire

Raze the day
From the ashes
The next

wagtail swoop

deceive the breeze

fan the fire

Weekly Theme:

Lost Phone

I lost my phone, which held weeks of posts and other material.
I have little time to catch up with my schedule so this week will be filled with a disorderly assortment of whatever comes to mind.

70 thoughts on “Progress Like Fire

  1. The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
    George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman
    Tags: life, philosophy, philosophy-of-life,

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      1. I’m gonna have to break the news one day…I need to trade you in sweetheart…….She’ll be devastated….I can hear it now M….but, but, with all that’s gone between us? …I don’t understand?….

        I’m feeling a heel already M…….
        What she doesn’t yet realise is I will simply be pulling out all her heart and soul and giving her a flash new body (special birthday present M?…..)

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      2. I’m a phone widow, I’ve never left a phone before it dies 🀣 I’m loyal to the end.
        Sure great new body, but she has lost so much personality. It’s like we don’t understand each other anymore.


      3. I know what you mean. I feel deeply for you. But on the bright side treat it like a new lover. You both have different parts of you to explore and excite. 5G produces out-of-this-world orgasms I’m told. I don’t have one so just could be idle gossip……

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      4. My new phone is 5g compatible but it’s not widespread enough here for me to notice the difference.
        I’m hoping my second vaccination will help boost the signal.


      5. Technology is improving with each vaccination…if only politicians would keep their noses out……here anyway, where you’ve got different state politicians wanting to bop in……

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      6. The federal government have stuffed up the rollout so states are doing their own thing……it should have been a well-corordinated Australia-wide effort……We didn’t order enough doses…….one produced (rare) bloodclots……people are confused…..etc etc…..anyhow I’ve had my first, and I haven’t keeled over……tough Aussie bod I have……

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      7. I doubt most the Aussie public gives a shit 🀣 at least not after they heard you can kill corona with booze.
        We are built for the conditions. Much respect is deserved for the Hard Yakka Aussie bod.


  2. Unprocessed Mouse Tails, er, Tales, a white tea of poetry. Or is it more of a young whisky? 😁 πŸ«– πŸ₯ƒFun collection, Mousey. Too bad you lost your phone and planned postings, but these still capture your level of fun! πŸͺ€

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    1. I seem to do well with less thought. Somehow it comes together either way.
      I’d say like stock before it becomes a sauce, mostly cos thinking of tea and whisky makes me thirsty 🀣
      I’m glad you see the fun. It seemed a more sombre week.

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      1. I think you can’t help with the fun. You seem to have to put more thought into the making of your completely serious postings, like you have to fight to keep out a joke. But your cold cut platter and your espagnole sauce both turn out very good. 😁 Now you’re making me hungry. πŸ˜„

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      2. I probably should have said β€œvegetarian espagnole sauce” if I understood a comment I read elsewhere correctly. Or went with tomato sauce. Personally I would rather have a vegetarian version. 😁

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      3. Ah. I thought I’d seen mention about a vegetarian mouse restaurant and a certain Charmer not thrilled at the idea. I must have read too much into it. 😁 But I would go for vegetarian versions of most of the sauces at this point.

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      4. I cooked prawns, shrimp, chicken,pork, beef, and duck today alone, wasn’t even that busy in
        Charmer would prefer a vegetarian restaurant but not a lot of market without catering to all diets. We have to be accepting of all people.

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      5. Very true. Recently I have been on a comic bend.
        Nothing like loss to sober you up to the world.
        Funny, I’m making that tomorrow 🀣

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