Jupiter Fires Vesuvius

"What do I gain if I grant you life?""I make a solemn vow, the ground will tremble, and seas will boil. I'll blanket the earth and sky in darkness all in your name, and deliver a feast of innocent souls to you.""Daughter." Jupiter called. Minerva who was overseeing the region nearby, rode the breeze to … Continue reading Jupiter Fires Vesuvius

Crafting A Beast

To claw from the cesspools of imagination Reach out from the depths of despairAnd come to clammy grips with elationAt an unnamed beast waiting thereThen unleash the waking wonderAnd dare hope the devil's may care High Priest of the Great Old OnesWith a tentacled reign over all in viewWhose wings extinguished a thousand sunsSpawned of man … Continue reading Crafting A Beast