Fail ≠ Failure

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour.

Truman Capote

If I ever find success it will be accompanied by many salty, sour, and bitter condiments.

be unsuccessful in achieving one's goal.

Hindsight taught me
I never truly failed
I simply wasn’t finished

Lune: unsuccessful (failed) research | when did failblog become baby Reddit

I went to failblog
for research
Where did the fails go?

Is a hurdle
Teaching you to jump higher

Six-word story

Success, Lady Luck Flashes Mister Failure

It is a natural
The regression
to the mean

There are failures
And then there are Titanic sized failures
Don’t be so hard on yourself
You didn’t just kill 1,500 people, did you?

Omission and absence
Unaware of a fact
Ignorance, blind eyed
Each a failure to act

lack of success.

I see finality
In the word ‘failure’
An act unrectifiable
Which you are no longer
Able to attempt

Failure comes only through
Acceptance of defeat

International Day for Failure – October 13

International Day for Failure is a day when people think about, share with others about, and learn from their failures. Created in Finland, the day celebrates failures and aims for people to look at them as learning experiences to help achieve success.

36 thoughts on “Fail ≠ Failure

  1. Every country needs a National Day for Failure. In the U.S., we call second place “The first loser,” not considering the work preceded the attempt at success. And, the six word story was a pure gem!

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    1. We say the same in Australia. Though we don’t have the same victory or death culture the US live by.
      I was happy with those six words. Thank you for commenting.

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  2. Mr. Mouse, these are all gems! Failure is only a first attempt that didn’t pan out. Try, try again… Third time’s a charm! We have incorporated the unceasing effort into that element that germinates success from failure! All your poems have that same hopeful quality!!

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    1. Thank you. It’s not often I am so motivational/inspirational. failure is all about perspective. And when we can see it for what it really is, success becomes clear.

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      1. I used to have a few demotivational plaques in unobtrusive spots in my office – including above my desk “Get to work. You aren’t being paid to believe in the power of your dreams.”

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  3. This post reminds us that our tasks will sometimes need to be seasoned with failure, but the end result may be something filled with sweet taste. I like how your discussion mixes in many elements.

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