Faces of the Altering Brut & The One

The One Merely to have knownis to have been touchedMerely to have lovedis to have been enough Faces of the Altering Brut A soul searching sun had pried deep insideI see with abnormal eyes that have driedAnd I stare into my discontentFor I misled you, I misleadBecause I am, I am man, I inventAnd ask … Continue reading Faces of the Altering Brut & The One

Soulify & An Erratic Era

Soulify To clove a beastas one so daredCan frock at leastthe soul he's bared An Erratic Era The mind sleeps dailyFrom candle to wick, comes waxA softening tissue, seeping vaguely Blasphemers taunt a wayward flameFar from consequence burns an aging wisdomFor none other than the burdened handsOf man signing the victim to his name Ink … Continue reading Soulify & An Erratic Era

Midnight Beholds & White Flour (part 2)

White flour (part 2) Of crypt nor caseMutual in that there wasteThe dimes man hath symbolisedA price which deems to tantalizeTo the dust demise their birthSolid a fist of copper                        Driven through the earth (I couldn't find part 1) Midnight Beholds Gauntlet of proseDown at the flameAnd grow To the one I loveThat does not … Continue reading Midnight Beholds & White Flour (part 2)

A Kiss Through Crossfire & Haiku 1

Haiku 1 the burning red flamessun set on the battlefieldhell on earth deserved A Kiss Through Crossfire Compatible to common intrigues neitherinvision anthologies scraped to witherSet no boundaries, then state for betterescaping dreams to dream whenever For all due to transpirea kissthrough crossfireis due in the never Begotten from mouth, two eyean infestation to combine … Continue reading A Kiss Through Crossfire & Haiku 1

Dizain: Underlying Fear

The limited experience of youthFocused as only blood-shot eyes can seeWho live lives breeding pure anger as proofWith the surge the urge wakes purpose to beIlluminate a life led aimlesslyThe belligerent voices of clenched fistsCast echoes where sense no longer existsThe louder one yells the less one can hearThere's no escaping what your soul insistsGreet … Continue reading Dizain: Underlying Fear