Rapture a Mind & Haiku 3

Haiku 3 vital is the minda plateau acquired tasteLatent the mind's eye Rapture a Mind Rapture a mindonce lost in shortA journey to finda kind comfortThe life worth lossin comfort contests Rapture a mindonce found in lengthUnneedy of grindan apparition dear meantThe ripe lifting skyheld in place by mountain delight Rapture a mindin a time, … Continue reading Rapture a Mind & Haiku 3

Rich Heads & Break Down

Break Down Placid is noneall disturbeddistorteddestroyed Waves continue to ripplesHard breeze divides, brushing soft All is movement, nothing stops Rich heads She walks inside meIn a cool driftA heavenly scent of rosesAn angelic faceWith such a wicked smile The beauty in her silenceWith those well spoken lipsTo step a wordAnd toe no wrong but truth … Continue reading Rich Heads & Break Down