Tripartition Part 1

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.John Muir wander mindlesslyto search order to find purpose 31% of the earth’s surface is covered by forests. (WWF) Abbreviated Haiku: enemy body fragile lungsshady shield defenceprotects foes Tripartition They made a pact, to be honoured in the case of … Continue reading Tripartition Part 1

WHODUNIT? What happened to the cake?

It was busy in the restaurant. They were short staffed, customers kept walking in, orders were piling up and mistakes were being made. The cherry on top, a birthday cake was missing.What happened to the cake? Who is to blame? I didn't eat it, said the chef. It was for a reservation.I didn't eat it, … Continue reading WHODUNIT? What happened to the cake?

Fun & Games

[HOST] Welcome back to Shockers! Rewards and penalties are tripled this round. Good luck contestants. [reads card]What is the derived unit for electric potential?[CONTESTANT] [buzzes] uhmmm... Its[HOST] Oh, I'm sorry, ohm is incorrect. Shock him, Bob! [HOST] So you can choose the mystery box or what's behind door number one. [CONTESTANT] [clearly confused] Well, considering … Continue reading Fun & Games

The Frictional Force of Stupidity

"You said the test would be easy!" Shouted a disgruntled boy in the front row. His thick rimmed glasses were steaming and his smart attire was visibly ruffled."Well, that's the difference between theory and experiment." Responded the nonchalant physics professor as he entered the class."I have no idea what that means."The professor sighed. "Okay, consider … Continue reading The Frictional Force of Stupidity