From Gnomes to Longfellows

For next to being a great poet is the power of understanding one.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow I will never understand you,Mister Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.You may have had the greatestever porn star nameAnd you let it go to waste. Elämää on runouskaikilla kielillä. Poetry is what is lost in translation. It is also what is lost in … Continue reading From Gnomes to Longfellows

Hang (on)

Find a wise manAnd follow his leadtrust his directionYour soul will be freedThat was what I thoughtNow, As I gasp for breathI realise I should havePaid more attention In excitement I always rushed aheadNever thinking one missed word Could spell the end "When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it … Continue reading Hang (on)

Rimas Dissolutas: The Open Road

Weary of the warnings I made my choiceWithout constraints that so often dictateI started down the dusty disused roadToward shimmering opportunity Clear and proud I heard the dogmatic voicePraise community, order, taxes, ratesThe guidance faith and country bestowedThat allow a hopeful future to be As I listened I began to rejoiceClaiming only a personal mandateThe … Continue reading Rimas Dissolutas: The Open Road