Noodles & Sales

Starting Point:Noodles Senryü: untwisting the strand in the old noodlea puzzle unwinds its wayinto spaghetti Mouse's (philosophical cooking) Pro Tips Strain the noodlesBefore the flameOr receive a soggy resultWith only yourself to blame I blame the penI blame the paperIn the endI'm no better a writer Hey you're that writer, right?I've been known to compose … Continue reading Noodles & Sales

Fortunate Events

Fortune favors the foolhardyWith accidentsIn abundant supplyStep toward the shimmering prizeOne in sixWill die "Mum said you're an accident, and you should have never been born." "Mum isn't exactly known for her wisdom. Afterall, she had you by choice and, after seeing how you turned out, she kept you." What a game, to trick the … Continue reading Fortunate Events