Flamenca: Flow

The tinkling, trickling growsand flows, raging war deepRapidly swellingthe river runs onwardcrashing, cobbled rockbeds The flamenca is a Spanish quintain (or 5-line stanza) form with a staccato rhythm meant to replicate the click of heels by flamenco dancers. The flamenca goes by a few other names, including seguidilla gitana (or Gypsy seguidilla), playera, and/or sequiriya. … Continue reading Flamenca: Flow

Tanka: The River Flows On

the        river                flows                            on profound             streaks                      crease                                    the                                        landscape formed             with                      time                                 in                                       mind consciousness                                a                                  constant                                               stream the   river   flows   eternal

The Way of Water

Distant tracts where sun cracks the landCasting deep furrows etched with sand Water will quench the mouths insideWith a hand of greater design to guide The original spring of one all knowingAn eternal balance constantly flowing Manna from heaven given with graceComforts the swell in each desired place