My Rare Disease & Injury, also Scouse

My Rare Disease I say bless you and thank youAnd I ask how do you doI offer my seat on busy trainsAnd my umbrella when it rainsI always hold the elevator doorAnd I'd help if you fell to the floorMy rare disease is not contagiousWould you like to take a guessYou might have even heard … Continue reading My Rare Disease & Injury, also Scouse

10,000 Ways it didn’t Work

SERRELL: What are all these things? There must be thousands. EDISON: I call them electric lamps. They will be like tiny suns, one in each room of every home. SERRELL: And that's why you have so many? EDISON: No, they are there to remind me of what I've already tried. I don't want to forget. … Continue reading 10,000 Ways it didn’t Work