The Way It Is

It's the not the Destination, It's the journey.Ralph Waldo Emerson Pedals trackChain respondsGears clickGo The sprinklers of the golf courseblink across the greenTheir work is done before the dawnonly the result is seen "Do you really ride your bike to work every day?""Yup.""Don't you have a car?""I own a car. I just believe that to … Continue reading The Way It Is

Unbeelievable Revenge & Myth

Do you believe in magic?How about sea monsters?Okay, but what about unicorns?Great! Welcome to Scotland! Fact: The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. B902: What the hell are you doing up here?You won't find any flowers. B756: Revenge. B902: What? B756: That guy stole my flowers. I'll follow him to the top of this … Continue reading Unbeelievable Revenge & Myth