Facts: Stripping for Valentine

Valentine's Day Origin: February 13th to 15th Lupercalia, the Roman feast Held to avert evil spirit and beast To release health and fertility And purify the city Given sound advice The priests would sacrifice a goat for fertility, and a dog for purity. They then made strips from goat skin Took sacrificial blood and dipped … Continue reading Facts: Stripping for Valentine

Saint Valentine’s Malady

"So, you're saying, love is causing this?" "No, not at all! This is a neurological disorder. His brain activity is abnormal, resulting in seizures. It also explains his change in behavior, and the uncontrollable loss of consciousness." "Ah, you mean Saint Valentine's Malady, young lady." "We call it epilepsy now, old man." Valentine the Patron … Continue reading Saint Valentine’s Malady


  The ancient Greeks managed to divide the intricacies of love into eight separate categories. Some may have been considered greater than others but all were necessary to form a complete picture of love. My particular interest lies in the number 8. Why 8? To the Greeks 6 is considered perfect. How did they decide … Continue reading 8