Bell Curve: Universal Climax

“I would define … the Poetry of words as The Rhythmical Creation of Beauty.”Edgar Allan Poe nomorecan manstand idledeny a clear truthcreation by definitionis the motion towards a pinnacle of beautythe rhythm of the universeconstantly raisingattemptingclimaxevermore Bell Curve:A bell curve poem is an extension of the fib.The syllables tiding and then falling in the same … Continue reading Bell Curve: Universal Climax

What is a Year? Fragmented Thoughts

Youth is outlivedEnvy only encumbersAntagonists rise aboveRallying against the numbers the earth follows the sunthe moon abides the tide The PathClosedBirthLife &DeathOfTheCurcuit The wake& The wokeFight over which precedes& which proceeds spinning stoneskimming the universerippling outward What is a year? Mercury 87.97 daysVenus 224.7 daysEarth 365 daysMars 1.88 yearsJupiter 11.86 yearsSaturn 29.46 yearsUranus 84.01 yearsNeptune 164.79 … Continue reading What is a Year? Fragmented Thoughts

A Dark Matter

Darkness weighs down upon me. There are three hours left until sunrise, but I'll be dead long before the sun blesses this land. The intermittent flickering of my flashlight confirms my fear, they are already here. Our intentions were honourable; reanimate dark matter in the hopes of better understanding the origins of the universe. Except, … Continue reading A Dark Matter

Big Bang

"The universe began as a very hot, small, and dense superforce. Then, bang! A big bang, matter exploded outward exponentially and over time gathered to form the universe we know today. Do you understand?" "You did that just so you could explode an egg in the microwave, didn't you?" "Maybe." "Clean it up deGrasse."


Contemplate. Contemplate.. Contemplate... A spiral scattered Arms outstretched Fingertips battered Shoulders wrenched Distended, warped, old The body grows cold Spawned on whim One can pretend The lights dim A distant end Too late... Too late.. Too late.