Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

The free space within ourselves is greatA constant source of wonder and mysteryBefore we choose to question or contemplate      We ask what we want to beWe spread with inspiration from our conceptionYet we remain as an atomic outline Existing in the borders of our perception      One in which we struggle to defineMass on mass hovering a … Continue reading Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

We Are Home

Nerves reach the iris of the skyAn azure reassurance up on highThe eye winks, anticipating prayerFingers clasp shut releasing airA sermon preached in shifting leavesForm a cocoon of unity each believesAnswers in the silence roamEvery one whispers 'we are home' Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts


Paper doll personaswill be fed to the papier-mâché beast Dimensions will fractured,where others may be released When comes a great fallthe earth rightfully demands a knee Alcohol and smelling salts,mixed mediums for the journey While these confinescreate sinners with dead men's eyes The dilated pupilwill ascertain we've never felt more alive