Honest Feeling

Fib: feel what's best HarshRudeBlunt truthHonestyThrough rigorous lawBecomes the greatest policy Abbreviated Haiku: innocence goes free HonestIn the way a child can care Hay(na)ku: child'hood' CurfewDiscarded toysEmpty playground swings Naani: geneal nuisance I never thoughtI would meet anyoneas annoying as myself  ... and then I had children Abbreviated Haiku: stinking, stinging logic Piss soaked jeansmorning … Continue reading Honest Feeling

Observe Oblivion

Nettles only sting at the obliviousThe awaretear them down to the root Funnel youthNarrow the alleyNeglect truthGather a malady Indolent responsesObserve oblivion Expectations have a time and a place Out on the farmyou expect to see shitBut coming out your mouthI've had enough of it Weekly Theme:Lost PhoneI lost my phone, which held weeks of … Continue reading Observe Oblivion

Bell Curve: Universal Climax

“I would define … the Poetry of words as The Rhythmical Creation of Beauty.”Edgar Allan Poe nomorecan manstand idledeny a clear truthcreation by definitionis the motion towards a pinnacle of beautythe rhythm of the universeconstantly raisingattemptingclimaxevermore Bell Curve:A bell curve poem is an extension of the fib.The syllables tiding and then falling in the same … Continue reading Bell Curve: Universal Climax