A Page Missing from the History Books

[ Conversation between Christopher Colombus and his conscience before leaving for India ] "Maps?""No thank you.""Compass?""Nope, don't need it.""Stars and mathematics?""No, no. Old fashioned tenacity and a whole lot of balls.""Seriously? Don't you think that's dangerous? You could die, and take a hundred good men with you.""I have no fear. I know I am right. … Continue reading A Page Missing from the History Books

Emperor Norton

By order of decreeBy the power vested in meIn matters I am well versedI will beNorton the firstEmperor of the United States I hereby proclaimWith the honour of my good nameA secondary titleWith no claim at fameI am the vitalProtector of Mexico I will use my stationAnd the army of our great nationTo exercise suitable … Continue reading Emperor Norton