Children’s Rhyme: Klaus the Clever Fisherman

Klaus the peculiar fishermanLived up in a treeWhat made him most peculiarWas that he'd never seen the sea Klaus the staring fishermanStared at the forest from his treeWaiting for a familiar rustleThat would soon come to be Klaus the prepared fishermanGot his fishing rod readyHe swung it out over the branchAnd held the line real … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Klaus the Clever Fisherman


The many machined cuts of the coveted diamond Prick at the eyes As coal Darkens to a stop What direction we take The skies Earth and sea A finger repeatedly gestures the way To a place, a moment, on the verge Of the predestined second time Where all will be humbled Fifty generations waiting Yet, … Continue reading Point

I Fell For You

I fell for you Now I slowly die While you watch Shackled and tortured Dressed in cheap trinkets I am a spectacle For all to see As I bleed out As I waste away Your merriment grows My time is limited In a week I'll be on the curb Oh Christmas tree Woe is me