Light & Air (collaboration)

fear waits staccatomy sunken chest rises sharpthe clouded breath wafts accosted by frigid airreaching through the cracked window soft bellyrises and fallseyes closedI pay attentionto my connection timeless traditionbreeding safely within kinunfettered I flymy permeable will flowsone with the hidden senses an empathhypersensitive skininheritedyet, I remain heresponge like absorbing my delicate touchraps upon the spectral shieldethereal … Continue reading Light & Air (collaboration)

Children’s Rhyme: One Good Tern

Europe, Asia,North AmericaIceland, Greenland,and AntarcticaI know a few fellowsWho visit each oneFor the arctic ternTravelling's never doneSummer twice a yearThey love a bit of sunIn the name of fun and foodThey see more daylightthan anyoneThey like to take detoursA little here and thereDifferent flightsTo see the sightsBut that's not their only careTheir number one concernIs … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: One Good Tern

Bring Back my Love to Me

Endless longing neighbours the freeAs the night-tide return harbours the seaBring back my love to me Fruit falls, seasons cease to beGrowth the shelter that forms the treeBring back my love to me United in form the lock and the keyTogether reveal hidden worlds to seeBring back my love to me Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Neighbour