Sorrow Of The Soul

A bleeding soul bereft Can see nothing left But the jagged shards Of a cavernous hollow Raw as exposed bone Yet numb to touch alone The mourning period We endure will follow To feel the natural pain Defence must inevitably wain To allow the soul Time to feel sorrow


Let me meditateRuminateFind peace in the rubbleBuried hereIs my willThat lost touchWith the surface Blind without handsTracing soundMislaid willAmbles erraticallyLacking directionBut for momentary pullsOf the heart strings

Contours of Love 

Demure eyes lost in a hazy plume Offer a coy fain Of agreement Tendrils of inky black Curtain A shielded glance An unguarded beam By guiding light Make way Steadfast as rock My firm grasp sinks Into your supple hips And we dance Swayed by sirens song enamoured To the contours of love