Change through Deprivation

The strength of an antThe bite of a leechThe flap of a butterfly wingA change within reach A change through deprivationAvail, you mortal abashedMorals and emulationEnd tortured, lashed Sensory deprivationOpens mindsOur world holds closed Depravity and corruptionCombated with deprivationInevitably it ends...In eruption Weekly Theme: Lost Phone I lost my phone, which held weeks of posts … Continue reading Change through Deprivation

Torture & Eve

Torture Knowledge once spokenis scaped in aweThe world was fed a tokenthen left ignored Eve Once upon an eve weatheredI stay awake the nightTo see the stars have their warsOnly to be defeated Their nemesisShone brighter that mornBrighter than it ever had With a vast cackle across the night skyThe sun opened it's wide wingsTo … Continue reading Torture & Eve