Rime Couee: Sweet & Sour

So Sweet it gave me Diabetes Whichever way you care to slicethe end result is always nicethe proof is in the pieMore than just the sum of its partsit's made with the love from our heartsshared between you and I Poem Between Teenage Sisters I hate your face so many waysso much it consumes most … Continue reading Rime Couee: Sweet & Sour

What is a Mökki?

What is a Mökki? A mökki is a cottage, usually found in the woods or next to a lake.In Finland, there are approximately 1.8 million mökkis – quite a few if you think there are only 5.5 million inhabitants. Tetris as¶children©becomes¦©packing[]the car{}as adults! TravelSicknessShould endIn transit (((local weather, foods, accommodation, and company dependent))) The price … Continue reading What is a Mökki?