What is a Mökki?

What is a Mökki? A mökki is a cottage, usually found in the woods or next to a lake.In Finland, there are approximately 1.8 million mökkis – quite a few if you think there are only 5.5 million inhabitants. Tetris as¶children©becomes¦©packing[]the car{}as adults! TravelSicknessShould endIn transit (((local weather, foods, accommodation, and company dependent))) The price … Continue reading What is a Mökki?

I’ll Love You Every Day & Dear Daughter

I'll love You Every Day I'll love you each and every dayFrom the rise of the morning sununtil the earthly day is doneThere is no price I wouldn't payI give of myself all you wishpresented on a silver dish My love for you will never swayWith conviction I take your handtogether steadfast we will standThroughout … Continue reading I’ll Love You Every Day & Dear Daughter