Picky & Particular

Koala bear, koala bearLounging in a treeHappy and lazyAs a koala should be Soaking up the sunLeaves in his bellyThen comes laughinglaughing in his tree He raises his head and shoutsKnowing who it would bebugger off mister kookaburraThis gum tree belongs to me Don't pick your noseDon't pick your nosedon't pickdon't pickDon't pick your noseCos … Continue reading Picky & Particular

Folía: Children’s Rhyme: Build a Pet

It was a silly accidentI mixed a pig and a frogA bouncing pog was born and wentMaybe I could build a dog So I thought of what I could useI tried a duck and a frogThe resulting frock got looseMaybe I'll give up on the dog I decided that was okayBecause everyone has a dogBut … Continue reading Folía: Children’s Rhyme: Build a Pet

Children’s Rhyme: The Artist’s Eye

The picture in your mindDiffers from your eyeWith an artistic brushA painter separates the lie Truth, beauty and natureAre all one and the sameA message and a meaningCaptured in a frame When they paint a pictureVisually we can seeBut sight is a unique thingEveryone sees differently Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: The Artist’s Eye

The Frictional Force of Stupidity

"You said the test would be easy!" Shouted a disgruntled boy in the front row. His thick rimmed glasses were steaming and his smart attire was visibly ruffled."Well, that's the difference between theory and experiment." Responded the nonchalant physics professor as he entered the class."I have no idea what that means."The professor sighed. "Okay, consider … Continue reading The Frictional Force of Stupidity