Light & Air (collaboration)

fear waits staccatomy sunken chest rises sharpthe clouded breath wafts accosted by frigid airreaching through the cracked window soft bellyrises and fallseyes closedI pay attentionto my connection timeless traditionbreeding safely within kinunfettered I flymy permeable will flowsone with the hidden senses an empathhypersensitive skininheritedyet, I remain heresponge like absorbing my delicate touchraps upon the spectral shieldethereal … Continue reading Light & Air (collaboration)

Tanka: A Kernel Laid Bare

raised by stalk and huskenrobed in the finest silkthe crow caws for youforgive me my precious earthe cruel harvester reckons International Day of the Nacho! Origin of the Nacho! Fun with Chemistry! A 99kg man asks his friend “If I eat 1kg of nachos, does that make me 1% nacho?”The friend replied. “Well the human … Continue reading Tanka: A Kernel Laid Bare