Quintilla: Alive

Throughout life we are made to striveThe facts often unforgivingFocus must be on how we thriveTo just survive, is not livingTo live, is not being alive The quintilla is a Spanish poetic form that uses five-line stanzas. Here are the guidelines: Eight syllables per line. With an  ab rhyme scheme in which at least two … Continue reading Quintilla: Alive

Old School

I've lived through plaguesSeen my fair share of crusadesI'm Old School comrades I've seen ice ages come and goFriend to mammoth and eskimoI'm Old School bro I saw the dinosaurs have their dayUntil a meteor paved their wayI'm Old School compadre I saw a land without fireWithout man's desireI'm Old School squire I stood by … Continue reading Old School


Claw Tooth&Nail Scratch against the pale Civil lies A faceTo embrace & despise RiseFallStall The middle groundFound FightWithoutRespite ClawClawClaw ClimbConquerDevourPowerRaw ClawFor want of more ClawKeep nothing in store ClawLike none have before Claw Just rememberWhat forWhat forWhat for?