Affirmations (I Wish My Words were Good Enough)

I know my silly wordsaren't good enough to convince youBut that doesn't mean I won't try The truth isThere'sNo one like youAnd there never will beagain A piece of youIs in every heart you've ever metWhen you goThat piece goes with youAnd creates a holein each heart you leave behind No matter what or how … Continue reading Affirmations (I Wish My Words were Good Enough)

One Cut Is All It Takes

One cut is all it takes One little slip of the wrist And this tortured pursuit of unattainable beauty Is no longer a priority The years of growth and development gone instantly One cut is all it takes And it's over Farewell Dear bonsai tree I never wanted thee Now I set you free (who … Continue reading One Cut Is All It Takes


‘Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is.' Jean-Paul Sartre The state of things as they are, or appear to be, rather than as one might wish them to be. That which exists, independent of human awareness. The definition of reality. What about, that which exists, which is dependent upon human awareness? Ghosts … Continue reading Circle


When the snow melts you see the casualties.  All the colour leached from months of neglect. It can take weeks before life returns. Sometimes it doesn't, sometimes things just stay dead. A reminder of death amongst the rebirth. Wrappers and cigarette butts that have been discarded months earlier litter the ground. The yellow snow is gone, but the once concealed … Continue reading Waste