Down The Throat

5. The Throat Chakra – Vishuddha Location: The throatColour: BlueElement: Space / EtherMeaning: Communication The Blue Man GroupCommunicateWithout a single wordBut through theirInteractionsThey are clearly heard I spoke til I was bluein the faceThen my throatwent blue tooA strokeAs I began to chokeStill, my childrendidn't listen Utterances in the etherHeard above a whisper I speak … Continue reading Down The Throat

Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

The free space within ourselves is greatA constant source of wonder and mysteryBefore we choose to question or contemplate      We ask what we want to beWe spread with inspiration from our conceptionYet we remain as an atomic outline Existing in the borders of our perception      One in which we struggle to defineMass on mass hovering a … Continue reading Thất Ngôn Trường Thiên: The Space Within

Revelations of Sex, Drugs & Land

APRIL 19TH tanka:private difference the vast universein astrological termsbetween earth and sunwould be something akin tothe length of a bees privates 607: Comet 1P/607 H1 (Halley) approaches within 0.0898 AU's of Earth. senryu:endeavour conversations "It's open sea, mate.""Yeah, then what do you call that?""Bloody hell, that's new!" 1770: British explorer Captain James Cook first sights … Continue reading Revelations of Sex, Drugs & Land

A Dark Matter

Darkness weighs down upon me. There are three hours left until sunrise, but I'll be dead long before the sun blesses this land. The intermittent flickering of my flashlight confirms my fear, they are already here. Our intentions were honourable; reanimate dark matter in the hopes of better understanding the origins of the universe. Except, … Continue reading A Dark Matter