Release the Waters

Water the Soul A lofty allowanceto lose controlAnd let free the tearsthat water the soul When the welling poolis once again wholeWe can purge the lossand forgive what they stole With a bladder the size of a pealong walks are not for meUnless you can promise toilets nearbyand an ostomy bag guarantee the loose sink … Continue reading Release the Waters

Soulify & An Erratic Era

Soulify To clove a beastas one so daredCan frock at leastthe soul he's bared An Erratic Era The mind sleeps dailyFrom candle to wick, comes waxA softening tissue, seeping vaguely Blasphemers taunt a wayward flameFar from consequence burns an aging wisdomFor none other than the burdened handsOf man signing the victim to his name Ink … Continue reading Soulify & An Erratic Era

Sweet Monday Release

Senryu: Release action flows freelya welling spout releasestremors in my soul Shitty Monday Simplicity is the dish of the dayDon't expect substanceyou wouldn't want it anywayIt is afterallanother shitty MondaySo, chill out, relax,your McDonald's equivalentis right this way Syllable Cinquain: Sweet Peach Sweet peachJuicy, tastyShining, curving, bouncing.I want to take a bite of thoseRipe cheeks … Continue reading Sweet Monday Release