Rotten, Dry Hope

I'm a rotten appleThat's what I've been toldBut I'm not really badSo I prefer the term, old The Garden State TimesRotten fruits file suit against fresh fruit for descrimination. A tongue in cheekRipe to touchFinger a fuzzy navelSqueezed to a punchSince I'm being freshAre you willing to shareThat juicy looking pear? Where there’s tea, there … Continue reading Rotten, Dry Hope

If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

  The sonnets form Under the knife Whittled from norm Breathes new life And can be found Just as profound Just see Steve B   Special thanks to my friend Stephen Buchanan (aka muttado1sb) for the Real Neat Blog Award nomination. I've never written a ha'sonnet before, I don't think I did the form justice. … Continue reading If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet