Waltz Wave: Whale Song

comewhale songsingyour tonesfrom the depthsto risepitchand repeatmake me feellong distance loveechoingwithinallsharingharmonyto calmtherestlesssea Waltz Wave: Developed by Leo Waltz, it is a syllabic form with a title and 19 lines. The subject should be calming. The syllabic pattern is: 1/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/3/4/3/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/1. Weekly Theme:Untried Poetry Forms

I Shall Be Pleasing

My conditionMy statusDepends on you You are the hopeThat sees me through I shall be pleasingYou whisperSweet songs to my ear Our relationshipBuilt on lies You do nothing for meStill I need youWhat would I do without you How could I ever say noHow could I ever let go Of my placebo

Our Song

Common rhymesebb and flowWith passing times As reasonsCome and goWith the seasons A soft humStarting lowFinding rhythm Before longIt will growSomething so strong All alongWe both knowThis is our song Eugi's weekly prompt: Song