Dear Abby

Sin Reclaims Recreation is the demonProductivity blamesA slovenly conSin reclaims Dear AbbyMy Serious Condition People think they've got it badI was born with a horrible conditionSo serious and debilitatingI'm afraid to leave the houseThere's no signs of a cure eitherIt's called, WPA, or more commonly known as White Person Ass. How do your pants stay … Continue reading Dear Abby

Everlasting Love & The Forgotten Ēostre

To have everlasting lovefor a world such as thisI wonder, would Jesuscontinue to spare a thoughtThe guidance he gavehaving now gone amissWhere the majorityrefuse everything he taught Farewell Fair Ēostre Fair goddess of the springTo hear you once again singBut such is the wayof the changing landthat a hare delivers eggsby supply and demand Behold … Continue reading Everlasting Love & The Forgotten Ēostre

Awdl Gywydd: Lay it Bare

Summon what was always thereLay it bare, at the church doorRelease your darkness with prayerThe devil may care no more Four lines, with seven syllables per line.The final syllable of the first and third lines rhyme with the 3rd-5th syllable of the following lines. Weekly Theme:Welsh Poetry Forms


A lovers flight in shaded obsession Startled on the brink of succession The prickling of the cursed skin Moves quickly there, then takes within Quakes a rich volcanic blend Of wanton sins to begin and end There captures an unfaltering sprite To accompany each wakeful night