Incessant Dung Beetle

The painstabbingBehind my right eyeRipples outtoward my templeFrayed nervesWear thinTrampledby the incessant dung beetlerolling an endless convoy of shit The burdensome swellLodgedin my brainInhibits functionI can onlyFind reliefThroughEmptying my mindOf allconversationswith you

A Still Stone Welcomes The Moss 

"Have you heard, a rolling stone gathers no moss?" "Of course, and I know what you're getting at, but I'm happy where I am, I'm happy with moss. So, I'll stay right here thank you." "Well, nice to know that you're comfortable settling." "You know, a rolling stone may not gather moss, but it probably … Continue reading A Still Stone Welcomes The Moss 


If I live to deal out truth bombsAm I considered the enemy?Perhaps, but damn you call me verminI perform this service for free I see your effort, how hard you tryThe struggle that life bringsBut nothing can last foreverThe shine wears off all things I'm teaching you the way of the worldChaos swimming in shitThat's … Continue reading Pigeonholed