The Mere Thought of You

Never shall I contradictA word your soft lips speakAn oath on my finger prickedflowers for my sweetAnd sweetness for my flowerUntil we next shall meetMay you find comfortIn the letters I send to youAs I find my own comfortAt the mere thought of you I used a random word generator for all posts this week. … Continue reading The Mere Thought of You

Burn the Witch

You're StupidYou suckA constant cloudOf bad luck Devil spawnWithout trustUnwanted scourgeOf lies and lust We can seeYour demonic querkA clear signOf the devil's handywork Release the hateConform, cooperateOr suffer the caneAgain and again If all else failsAnd darkness prevailsWe'll build a pyreAnd cleanse with fire  We'll rid the worldOf your pestilent itchWe'll burn the witchBurn … Continue reading Burn the Witch

Bring Back my Love to Me

Endless longing neighbours the freeAs the night-tide return harbours the seaBring back my love to me Fruit falls, seasons cease to beGrowth the shelter that forms the treeBring back my love to me United in form the lock and the keyTogether reveal hidden worlds to seeBring back my love to me Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Neighbour