Ovi: The Hero? (super senses)

He said that he was a heroAnd we wanted to see the showHow exactly were we to knowThe cape wasn't legit It was quickly clear he was denseUnable to use common senseBecause he didn't have the senseTo begin with Ovi is commonly known as 12th century folk-songs of the Maranthi Region of India which expressed … Continue reading Ovi: The Hero? (super senses)


Layers ripple into the infiniteStaining through and overlappingJumbled messages, mongrel signalsTaint the pristine avenues of the synapsesThe pathways impassable are abandonedAnd a mirror's reflection no longer permits the senses Weekly Theme: Photo Prompts

Sense of Transition

Sunflowers reach toward the sunFate entwined, never one Honeybee's lifetime serves the youngRefined palette, honeyed tongue Raindrops streak the windowpaneTears fallen, gone again White noise as the static creepsMusic lost, radio weeps Blood shed on an open fieldMuddy soil, wound healed Future presents an uphill climbPast repeats, every time Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Transition

Acceptance of Harmony

Harmony arrives by compliment And perfection is found in its completion Yet, neither can be found in a mirror The reflection lives within itself Two unique perspectives, both equal Symbiotically entwined with the senses Where acceptance is only possible By an observer outside looking in Eugi's Weekly Prompt: Harmony