Waiting, and what to do with the Time

Hold it...Hold it...Hold it...How long has it been? ...Three minutes...Shit! Fact: The wood frog can hold its pee for up to eight months. You have three and a half hours to killYou could watch a double featureOr an epic adventureA short novellaGo for a long hikeOr marathon on a bikeOr say one fucking wordNobody has … Continue reading Waiting, and what to do with the Time

Going Above & Beyond

APRIL 25TH What went through the headOf the inventorThe great ideaTo rewardMindless crimeWith the loss of one's head 1792: Guillotine first used in France, executes highwayman Nicolas Pelletier Fun Fact:During the Reign of Terror (June 1793 to July 1794) about 17,000 people were guillotined. Former King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were executed at … Continue reading Going Above & Beyond

Poison in Many Forms

APRIL 20TH I got timeYou got the heatI think we should meetI'll bring the methodSmooth as silkJust one questionGot milk? 1862: First pasteurization test completed by Frenchmen Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard Much like parentsWith an unruly childThe Curies nurturedSomething wild(that took years off their lives, making them suffer to the point they wished they … Continue reading Poison in Many Forms