Lightning Bolt

Human limitationsFuel and heatThe fireOf a heartbeatWhich risesIn the throatDecideChoke or roarWith lungs fullOf electricityEach stepStrikes like lightningA boltTowardBarriersCrossed then broken Usain St Leo (Lightning) Bolt21 August 1986

Thrill Of The Chase [For the hearing impaired]

[eerie music][leaves rustling][distant metal clatter][nearby howl] [gasps][intense music][racing footsteps echo down hallway][high pitched claws scraping on wall][tired panting][animalistic shrieks][sobbing][door handle shaking][door creaks open][low growl][footsteps approach][stifled moans][claws slowly clicking on tile floor][heartbeat thumping rapidly][sniffs air][muffled breathing][door slams closed][exhales]