Riddle: Winged Myth

I'm a carnivore and a cannibalBut I am not a beastFor my willingness to feast I'm not mythical or of the devilSaint George may cryBut the origin of my name's a misleading lie I'm unique with my four agile wingsGraceful through the skyCreating whirlwinds when I fly Welcome to games week! Posts this week will … Continue reading Riddle: Winged Myth

Riddle: Cannuum If You Like

The myth is, boys have three And girls have four—if you're keeping score That's not common knowledge So I think I'll give you more We each have a placenta And we keep it deep inside We carry it with us always Nourishing the hide When you speak of our skin You talk of traffic lights … Continue reading Riddle: Cannuum If You Like