Children’s Rhyme: Frankenstein’s Robot

Surely, I must be mad they saidBringing them back from the deadBut, if I could make them better than beforeWhy on earth would I go to the store? I placed a toaster where a head should beA microwave in place of a heartAnd in between for a neck I addedAn electric whisk that wouldn't start … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Frankenstein’s Robot

Children’s Rhyme: One Good Tern

Europe, Asia,North AmericaIceland, Greenland,and AntarcticaI know a few fellowsWho visit each oneFor the arctic ternTravelling's never doneSummer twice a yearThey love a bit of sunIn the name of fun and foodThey see more daylightthan anyoneThey like to take detoursA little here and thereDifferent flightsTo see the sightsBut that's not their only careTheir number one concernIs … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: One Good Tern

Children’s Rhyme: A Composed Party

The composed evening beganWhen Beethoven made a signHe rightly kicked off the partywith his symphony number nine Bach brought his famous clavierIt's well-tempered rang out his callHe thundered on the keys untilHe noticed he didn't have them all Mozart angrily paused mid requiemTo fiddle with his magic fluteHe realised his singing was betterSo it went … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: A Composed Party