The futile age old dream Life clambers for the sun A constant moving stream The rabid and foaming run Expel the curdled cream For work has just begun A welcome sight to feast Pockets full of tendons Crammed down throats deceased The retching sound heard reckons Feed the newborn beasts Unknowing the time beckons Honey … Continue reading Feed

Release the Waters

Water the Soul A lofty allowanceto lose controlAnd let free the tearsthat water the soul When the welling poolis once again wholeWe can purge the lossand forgive what they stole With a bladder the size of a pealong walks are not for meUnless you can promise toilets nearbyand an ostomy bag guarantee the loose sink … Continue reading Release the Waters

Children’s Rhyme: Look Where You’re Going

Life is forwardScene upon sceneLook where you're goingnot where you've been This is a new dayThe chance to changecan start today Do not get caughtin betweenLook where youre goingnot where you've been If you steal awayYou create the pathfind your way Fields are openThe grass is greenLook where you're goingnot where you've been Take time … Continue reading Children’s Rhyme: Look Where You’re Going