What a Guy

“A penny for the guy!”A phrase said on Guy Fawkes Day, by children collecting money for fireworks. Curious minds want to knowIs it as a reminder or mockeryTo set off fireworksCommemorating a failed firework show Time we Fawkes Shit Up Why are you stopping meI'm doing you a favourA day will comeWhen all will agreeThat … Continue reading What a Guy

Cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht: The Third Coming

Floors coated in newspaperpaint tins standing by,under the torn wallpaper,something caught my eye. Ancient text long forgotten,the message read clear.Jesus waz ere, twenty-ten,then, a sudden fear. If this tag was genuine,second coming gone,there must be a redesign,a third coming on. Now, how can I benefitYes, I think I know,The answer is evident:make a Netflix show … Continue reading Cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht: The Third Coming

Awdl Gywydd: Lay it Bare

Summon what was always thereLay it bare, at the church doorRelease your darkness with prayerThe devil may care no more Four lines, with seven syllables per line.The final syllable of the first and third lines rhyme with the 3rd-5th syllable of the following lines. Weekly Theme:Welsh Poetry Forms