Thrills & Chills

Zero EnthalpyEntropyDynamicKineticPathetic BareMinimum RockBottom How lowCan IGoLeftIn limbo I knowMy valueTo youAbsoluteZero −273.15°−459.67° A list of Thrills Leave a full cup of teaOn the edge of the table Spin a bottle Better with other people Hold your breathLonger than you should Put the toothbrush in too farWhen cleaning your tongue Sit on the couchAnd stand … Continue reading Thrills & Chills

I’ll Love You Every Day & Dear Daughter

I'll love You Every Day I'll love you each and every dayFrom the rise of the morning sununtil the earthly day is doneThere is no price I wouldn't payI give of myself all you wishpresented on a silver dish My love for you will never swayWith conviction I take your handtogether steadfast we will standThroughout … Continue reading I’ll Love You Every Day & Dear Daughter

A Perfect Marriage

"In matrimony, to hesitate is sometimes to be saved."Samuel Butler [Priest] If anyone has a reason that these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.{silence. Wedding guests cast sideways glances}[Priest] Okay, I'll start counting. 3, 2, seriously, no one?{Church Doors swing open. Man enters running}[Wedding Crasher] [panting] Wait! Wait![Priest] Oh, … Continue reading A Perfect Marriage

Two Sides

Emotional Symbiosis love and hateare notpolar opposites My daughter told me she hates meAnd I guess I can understand whyI promised her she could have candyI gave her an apple and she started to cry I told her its mother natures candyShe considered this a bold faced lieSo I said feel free to eat all … Continue reading Two Sides