A Relationship With Fun

ADHD is just another word for fun, exciting and adventurous.Julie Posey A Jack out of the boxIs not much of a treatIt's the anticipationThat keeps you in your seat Attention where attention is dueIf you can't keep my attentionThe problem is boring old you Senryü: I don't want to miss a thing/don't want to close … Continue reading A Relationship With Fun

Thrills & Chills

Zero EnthalpyEntropyDynamicKineticPathetic BareMinimum RockBottom How lowCan IGoLeftIn limbo I knowMy valueTo youAbsoluteZero −273.15°−459.67° A list of Thrills Leave a full cup of teaOn the edge of the table Spin a bottle Better with other people Hold your breathLonger than you should Put the toothbrush in too farWhen cleaning your tongue Sit on the couchAnd stand … Continue reading Thrills & Chills