Sleep, Perchance to Love

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreamsDr. Seuss If you should ever find love,give a thought to heaven above,For there is nothing elseon earth quite like it. Senryu: Unconscious Relationships I'm in a comabecause if I was awakeI'd have left by now In my … Continue reading Sleep, Perchance to Love

Ballade: Wide Awake in a Dream

"The issue is the origin,"I said, "that, I already knew."Watchful, he flashed a charming grin,"well, how would an answer help you?"I asked again as if on cue"Dear God of Sleep, if you so deemI would still like the answer true,am I wide awake in a dream?" Nervous, I scratched at my taut skinToo deep, blood … Continue reading Ballade: Wide Awake in a Dream