Rhymes Call for Good Times (Drinking Game)

Either slip your link, spill some ink in the pink, or shrink back when on the brinkNeed the kink? Of the resounding clink, as you fix the kitchen sink?When you cause a stink from a little winkYou need to think If the word rhymes with drinkYou take a drinkTake a drink Jot but a dot, … Continue reading Rhymes Call for Good Times (Drinking Game)

Tanka: Music Genres

"Where's the funk and stuff? Keep it the same for Folks sake. What is this rap now?" "Just swear, we know what you mean." "You mean my love of music?" I found a list of rock sub-genres. (added below) I'm not sure of its accuracy, some are hilarious, others sound completely made up. Before you … Continue reading Tanka: Music Genres