Mandakranta: The Succubus Comes

In my chambers, haunted and hunted, my terror enveloped in nightMy chest hitches, an archaic knowledge cleaves the unbridled thrillStraddled and pinned, she torments me, her primal lust and rage entwinedI lay yearning, praying for climax, before the succubus comes Mandakranta: (lady slowly approaching) is referred to as a "slow stepper" and is said to … Continue reading Mandakranta: The Succubus Comes

Scenes from a CAP

uSES OF CAPS LOCK BUTTON.wAIT, THAT'S NOT RIGHT. DAMN IT! I'M NOT ANGRY! I'M NOT AGGRESSIVE!! I'VE JUST NEVER SEEN A CUTER PUPPY IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! You think the all caps was too much? No. I think it was the 42 exclamation marks that did it. Why are you yelling? CAPS LOCK IS STUCK … Continue reading Scenes from a CAP

A Streetcar Named Desire (Alternate Ending )

 From the Desk of Tennessee Williams21.1.83I have been plagued for many years by the hardships I unleashed upon Blanche. I felt each with her. The sleepless nights we endured, her twisted face haunts me. I must allow Blanche to have her recollection of the events to be told, for Blanche and Stanley to have their … Continue reading A Streetcar Named Desire (Alternate Ending )